Mozilla Firefox expands language support and offers automatic page translation for user-friendly experience.

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Mozilla Firefox Meaning in Hindi

Mozilla is an open source movement that builds a better internet. Millions of people around the world use Firefox to take control of their online lives and make the web a safer place.

Using the Options menu, you can change the languages that Firefox will use when selecting content from websites. You can also move languages up or down in the order they appear.


Mozilla, the world’s third most popular web browser, has added Tamil support to its latest release. Now, the browser will translate words such as “kopu” for ‘file’ and “viruppangal” for ‘preferences’ to their Tamil equivalents rather than relying on users knowing their English alternatives.

The new language is part of an effort by the Mozilla Foundation to make Firefox more user-friendly in India. The browser will also feature translations for settings, history, and tools in the Tamil language.

The browser can also automatically translate websites into the Tamil language, and will give users the option to switch to a Tamil version of the website if available. The Tamil language version of Firefox is available for download at the Mozilla website. It’s free to use and requires no subscription.


Firefox now supports translation of web pages automatically into your preferred language. The feature is similar to Google’s page translation tool, but it doesn’t send your pages to a third-party server. To activate this feature, click the translate button in the address bar or open a supported web page.

The Mozilla Foundation has recently released a Tamil language pack for its popular web browser, Firefox. The pack provides a full set of Tamil keyboard shortcuts and textual equivalents for menu items, such as “kopu” for ‘file’, and “viruppangal” for ‘preferences’.

The name of the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox is a reference to the red panda, an endangered animal native to Asia. The first logo of Netscape was a phoenix, but the company had to change its name due to trademark issues and decided on the red panda instead.


Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in India and Sri Lanka. It features a number of security and privacy features like do not track, free extensions, incognito mode and more. It is also known for its user friendly interface and the animal on its logo which was inspired by a red panda.

Starting in Firefox 116, Picture-in-Picture is easily accessible via an icon on the right side of the address bar. This feature works exclusively on pages with a single video. It is available in both desktop and mobile versions of Firefox. You can also open this feature by clicking on a video in the page. This will display a full-screen image of the video while still allowing you to navigate the page.


Firefox is a popular web browser that was once the world’s third most-used web browser. It’s still a top choice among users in India and Sri Lanka, which is why the Mozilla Foundation has decided to release a localised Tamil version of Firefox. The team behind the translation worked closely with a group of volunteers who were enthusiastic about technology and who spoke the language.

The new translation features a fully automatic page translation system similar to the one Google Chrome offers, although Firefox’s solution does not send pages to external servers. This feature is available through the Firefox language settings menu. The menu is accessible through the Tools option on the Options menu or by using the shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+T. It is also possible to set a dictionary for each language and disable double click functionality at any time.


The Mozilla Firefox logo has been unchanged since its debut in 2004 – a red panda encircling a blue globe representing the Earth. The composition of the logo is reminiscent of other popular global icons such as the MasterCard and Starbucks logos.

The latest version of Firefox includes a new full-page translation feature that can translate pages automatically into your preferred language. It’s similar to Google Translate except that it doesn’t send page contents to external servers.

Firefox is the first web browser to be localised into Tamil, thanks to a team of volunteers. They spent a year translating the settings, menus and other details of the browser into the regional language. The new Tamil version of the browser is available now from the Mozilla website.

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